Rose Gold

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It has been an alright day. Work was tiring, but that’s kind of the norm. However, I did get out on time! I now look forward to laying in bed watching Scandal until I go to bed, wake up, and once again go to work.

I really love the lace up trend that’s been going around. I was ecstatic when I came across this blouse; it’s lace up and in my color! I have been obsessing over blush for the last few months, so I’m glad it’s one of the colors of the year. Anyways, I’m pretty exhausted, but I just wanted to post an update! I’m trying to post more often, even if it’s just something small like this.

Lace up blouse-Calvin Klein

Jeans-American Eagle

Ballet flats-Chanel

Tan Crossbody-Michael Kors

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