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How is everyone? I know I haven’t posted in quite some time, but I’m going to try and make sure I post at least once a week, whether it be an outfit post, an actual article, or even just a post of photos I like or a roundup of my Instagram photos. So a little update on what’s been going on: I’m taking two classes right now, which have sort of taken over most of my free time. I also purchased a new(er) car, and it’s definitely me!

Oh, and obviously I changed my hair! It was definitely time for a change. I kept this outfit simple as I had work that day. I needed to wear pants, anyways, because the majority of my body was still green from rinsing the dye out. I know people say it’s bad for you hair and blah, blah, blah, but I really prefer dying my own hair. It cost much less, it doesn’t take hours, and I can be in the comfort of my home. Sure, sometimes things can go awry, and I end up with dyed skin, but I still prefer doing it myself.

Striped top-Forever 21

Jeans-American Eagle

Sk8 Hi-Vans

Blossom Jet Set crossbody-Michael Kors


3 Chic Valentine’s Day Outfits All Under $200

The holiday all about love is coming up quickly, and even if you don’t like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, sometimes it’s still fun to dress up! In this post, I’ll show you three different and affordable styles to wear on the 14th!


VDay Outfit 1


VDay Outfit 2


VDay Outfit 3


I don’t like to go overboard on the holiday colors, so I tried to keep the reds and pinks subtle, but they are still key elements of the outfits!


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I have finally found the time to post! The last few weeks have been more hectic than ever! I’ve been working basically every minute of consciousness. Once I come home, I’m too exhausted to even open up my laptop, let alone write up a post that makes any sense. Hopefully, it will all pay off soon. I’ve been having some trouble with my college, as well, but again, hopefully that will be fixed and pay off soon.

This outfit was so lovely! The skirt is simple yet elegant, and I think I’ll be able to pair it many different ways. It has finally begun to grow cold here, and I’m so excited to be pulling out my coats and sweaters. I don’t get to do that too often. I also treated myself for my birthday and purchased a pair of preowned Chanel flats. They are so gorgeous; the leather is very soft and since they are pre-owned, they are perfectly broken in.  My only gripe, is that there’s no traction or grip on the soles, so I almost face planted a few times.

Ombre sweater-Gianni Bini

Feather skirt-Nicole Miller

Ballet flats-Chanel

Plaid Parade

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I know I haven’t been posting consistently, and it’s terribly annoying. The last few months have been pretty hectic; Mine and Nathan’s schedules are pretty different, so it’s difficult to find time for photos. I will, however, try harder to write up other types of posts.

This outfit is from a week or so ago. I love the color of the blouse, and it’s a simple cut so it’s fairly easy to style. I also love these jeans. They’re an interesting style, however, they stretch really fast so I basically wash them after every wear. The boots were a gift from my dad; I like them a lot as they are a neutral, but they’re grey which makes them a little more unique.

Plaid blouse-Old Navy


Chelsea boots-3.1 Philip Lim


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I haven’t posted in soooo long. These last few weeks have been kind of busy, and trying to get Nathan to do my photos has been like pulling teeth. But I have been doing well and I can’t wait for the upcoming holiday. I think I splurged on just about everyone this year, and I am quite happy I was able to. Working full time does have its perks! I can’t wait for my family to open their gifts! I actually really love buying people gifts; it’s fun to try and pick presents you think they’ll appreciate.

This was a simple outfit I threw together, but I really love it. The skirt is a little itchy, but I became used to it after a while. The boots are great;they were a warranted purchase in my book, as I’ve worn them many times and they are super versatile.

Varsity top-Brandy Melville

Plaid skirt-Gap

Chelsea boots-Antonio Melani

1 Holiday Dress, 4 Different Parties

‘Tis the season for peppermint mocha, packed malls, and a plethora of party invitations! It’s also the season to find that perfect holiday dress–one that can be styled many different ways–so that you aren’t breaking the bank to look good at all those parties.

The first step is to find said perfect dress. It should be a festive colour, but subtle. It should also be a simple shape so that it can be styled multiple ways, as there are different types of parties, which I’ll explain soon.

I chose this J.Crew green shift dress:


J.Crew Tall Overlapped Long-Sleeve Shift Dress

1. The Family Party

For this type of party, you can be a bit more relaxed. No need to break out the uber stilettos and handbag you spent one months rent on. However, you still want them to know you have your life together, so don’t go in your pajamas.


Family Party


2. The Office Party

Even though you may have work buddies and go out for drinks often, you should show up to this party looking professional and polished, but never boring!


The Office Party


3. The BFF’s Party

This is the party where you can truly be yourself and go all out. This is the one where you will have the most fun.


BFFs Party


4. The “Third Cousin Twice Removed” Party

This is the party you somehow were invited to, but you are just too nice not to show up. You will probably vaguely know two people and you will probably (definitely) leave after an hour. You will want to still look chic, but don’t waste too much effort on this party.


Holiday Party


Velvet Ventures

DSC_0051 (683x1024) DSC_0055 (683x1024) DSC_0056 (683x1024) DSC_0059 (683x1024) DSC_0060 (683x1024)

Glad to be posting today! These photos are not as good quality as many of my others, because Nathan had forgotten his camera at work over the weekend. So we blew the dust from my poor starter camera and clicked away! They’re decent photos, just a bit blown out. Once again, I’ve spent most of my time working. However, I went out with a couple co-workers last week, which was fun. I ended up getting a tattoo! It’s peeking out in some of these photos. I really love it!

I really liked the idea of wearing all velvet. The boots are fantastic; they were also pretty comfortable, I lasted a few hours at work. And the dress is gorgeous, comfortable, and the style is simple enough to be versatile. I just really love the look and feel of velvet!

Velvet burnout dress-BB Dakota

Velvet boots-Asos

Varick Street

DSCF8864 DSCF8865 DSCF8867 DSCF8869

It’s been difficult posting lately, as Nathan’s computer decided to die so he hasn’t been able to edit my photos. However, these ones looked nice untouched. Class has been going well lately, albeit, it is a little dull. Work is also going well. It has been kind of slow the past week or so, though. I haven’t been doing much else this week. I do have plans for Thursday, however!

I really liked this ensemble. I was a little skeptical about mixing so many neutrals, but it actually looked really great. Also, I think this is my first post with my new handbag, and oh my, is it gorgeous. It’s such a lovely piece; the quality is superb, although the metal knob already has scratch marks on it from the top half hitting against it. Only design flaw.

Striped top-Theory

Suede skirt-Harmony + Havoc

Grey handbag-Kate Spade

Chelsea boots-Antonio Melani

Peach Tee

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I know I haven’t posted in a few days, but my week has been pretty good.  I’ve been at work for the most part. On Halloween, I worked a short shift, met Nathan for lunch, then spent the rest of my night at home. It wasn’t super eventful, but I’m not complaining. I don’t think I’m enjoying the time change, though; I hate that it’s already dark when I leave work.

This is just a simple outfit for a week or so ago that never got posted. The shirt is very comfortable and soft, but definitely a bit overpriced. I paired the tee with jeans and sneakers to keep the outfit casual and comfortable for work, although, I can see myself wearing the shirt many other ways.

Peach Tee-Unif

Lineup jeans-Unif

Air Max-Nike