My Secret Style Weapon…

is Bolo Ties!

So maybe that’s no secret, but you’re reading this now and that was exactly my plan!

Bolo ties date back as far as the late 1800’s, but most people associate them with Western America and cowboys. They are also the official neckwear for Arizona, New Mexico, and, of course, me. I find a lot of people are scared or don’t know how to work a bolo tie into their wardrobe; however, I’ve had a wonderful time fitting 4+ ties into mine.


I’ve learned that you cannot overthink how you’re going to style a bolo tie. I love just throwing them on with a t-shirt and jeans or a loose dress to add some spice to the ensemble. When I’m in a rush or not in the mood to plan an extravagant outfit, my trusty bolo ties are my go-to accessory! They’re much more dynamic than a regular necklace, in my opinion. I’m actually wearing one as I type this out!


So don’t be afraid! Head to your local thrift shops until you find the perfect one and wear it forever; you won’t be sorry!

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