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October has finally arrived, so I thought, “why not be a little festive?” Also, it cooled down just a little tiny bit, and it’s been raining, that I knew wearing this outfit would not be certain death. I love these boots so much, but they’re very impractical for Florida. However, I continue to hold onto them for those rare occasions, such as this one, where I can get away with wearing them.

The shirt dress is extremely comfortable; the fabric is very soft. The cut of it is also nice–it is the right amount of oversized without being frumpy. I can see it being styled with many different types of shoes and even as an oversized top with jeans!

Striped dress- Sabo Skirt

Over the Knee boots- Sam Edelman

Scalloped Suede

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It’s been months since I’ve posted, and I’m going to try and not let that happen again. I lost sight of how important this was to me, letting certain aspects of my life get in the way of that.

My style has been flip-flopping all summer between boho and minimalism. I find both suit me well, so why stick to just one? I really can’t stand when people say you need to find your niche. I find it absolutely boring to stick to one style, even if that means I’m not posting for one specific audience.

With that being said, here is one of my recent ensembles. This dress is actually my first purchase from Francesca’s; the hue makes it easy to style, and just throwing a t-shirt underneath toned down the femininity of the cut. However, if I wanted to keep it girly, there are many ways to do that as well. I tend to know I need an item when I can already see the potential for multiple outfits just looking at it on the rack. That’s how I knew I should purchase this dress. Sometimes I do purchase items on a whim, without thinking through if it’ll work well in my closet, and end up returning it.

Suede dress-Francesca’s

T-shirt-American Eagle



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I know I haven’t posted in such a long time. I’ve been working a lot and dealing with some personal issues lately–it’s a shame. I really wish I could post more often. Anyways, my life has been pretty decent this last month. Only up until about a week or so ago did it get frustrating.

This outfit was very comfortable! The dress is the perfect amount of laid back and interesting. I can see myself wearing it with sandals, heels, and sneakers, so I think I’ll get a ton of wear out of it. I had been eyeing this handbag style for a few weeks now; I just loved the simplicity and the fact that it came with a free surprise charm was also a plus! The leather is so soft and luxurious, I just want to sit there and touch it all day! I’m also mildly obsessed with lace up details right now; these are my third pair of lace up shoes in the last month.

Oh, and since I don’t get much time to update my blog, I do try to post to instagram frequently. My handle is @journeytothecenteroffashion.

Tie front dress-All Saints

Lace up flats-Zara

Dinky bag-Coach 1941


Skye1257 Skye1258 Skye1259 Skye1260

My life has been good, I hope yours has as well. I’ve been working a lot, but it’s alright. I spend most of my free time watching television shows on Netflix, haha. Every other week I get my nails redone, so I’m not leading a terrible life. Just maybe a tad boring.

I have been infatuated with lace up details lately! They’re such a simple detail, but add such a different look to a garment. This dress was quite comfortable, and so were the shoes once I got past the initial breaking in blisters. What trend are you in love with? Let me know!

Pattern dress-Zara

Eleanorr flats-Steve Madden

Rose Gold

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It has been an alright day. Work was tiring, but that’s kind of the norm. However, I did get out on time! I now look forward to laying in bed watching Scandal until I go to bed, wake up, and once again go to work.

I really love the lace up trend that’s been going around. I was ecstatic when I came across this blouse; it’s lace up and in my color! I have been obsessing over blush for the last few months, so I’m glad it’s one of the colors of the year. Anyways, I’m pretty exhausted, but I just wanted to post an update! I’m trying to post more often, even if it’s just something small like this.

Lace up blouse-Calvin Klein

Jeans-American Eagle

Ballet flats-Chanel

Tan Crossbody-Michael Kors

My Secret Style Weapon…

is Bolo Ties!

So maybe that’s no secret, but you’re reading this now and that was exactly my plan!

Bolo ties date back as far as the late 1800’s, but most people associate them with Western America and cowboys. They are also the official neckwear for Arizona, New Mexico, and, of course, me. I find a lot of people are scared or don’t know how to work a bolo tie into their wardrobe; however, I’ve had a wonderful time fitting 4+ ties into mine.


I’ve learned that you cannot overthink how you’re going to style a bolo tie. I love just throwing them on with a t-shirt and jeans or a loose dress to add some spice to the ensemble. When I’m in a rush or not in the mood to plan an extravagant outfit, my trusty bolo ties are my go-to accessory! They’re much more dynamic than a regular necklace, in my opinion. I’m actually wearing one as I type this out!


So don’t be afraid! Head to your local thrift shops until you find the perfect one and wear it forever; you won’t be sorry!